• Top free Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tools

    I do not think we can not agree that the world is a huge place - especially when we think of it from an electronic perspective.

    For the 7.5 billion people in existence, nearly 51% gain access to the internet. That amounts to around 4 billion individuals who - as a whole - conduct an impressive average of 1.2 trillion searches each year.

    This means

    Perhaps one of the most popular methods for achieving this goal (SEO) tools.


    What exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

    Search engine optimization is a set of rules that are followed by site owners to optimize their websites for search engines and therefore boost their search rankings.

    Some great benefits of SEO

    Applying SEO techniques to your website (s) is beneficial in many different ways. We've listed a few of the top benefits below.

    Increased Traffic.

    Perhaps the most obvious is that higher rankings on search engine results pages (serps) may result in increased website traffic. This is accomplished, for instance, by utilizing relevant keywords (in title tags and meta descriptions).

    Cost Effective.

    SEO is recognized as the most cost effective marketing strategies. This is because SEO (an inbound strategy) targets people who are (actively) looking for the services and provide you with a strategy for such cold-calling, a worker should be paid to fully capture the audience's attention.

    Improved Site Usability.

    Maybe not more business first goal but instead an additional bonus. While you are attempting to make your website easier to navigate, SEO also makes your Internet site easier to find and navigate.

    Increased Brand Awareness.

    The result of experiencing a high SERP ranking can also contribute to increased brand awareness. With such a situation, the sheer number of impressions of your company will be much higher and therefore, boost exposure.


     Link Creating

    Having quality inbound links

    One technique, in particular, this is certainly used in the context of an influencer (or websites with authority). Listed here are several link building tools that may help you try this.


    AuthoritySpy is a good building


    BuzzStream is yet another link to the SEO tool that allows users to assemble influencers and contact them. This tool gives you contact details, social profiles

    Anonymous users have contacted an expert, their  


    NinjaOutreach is a tool for you to build your own. It has a database of an incredible number of blogs and websites that can be searched through using keywords. Simply search for the leads that you will require, add them to a listing, write a message template, and produce an outreach campaign to send the emails out. Emails and follow-ups can be felt manually or automated making your outreach effort more seamless. 

    Contentbird, formerly LinkBird, is a keyword development and link-building hybrid software. This tool helps users implement whatever they refer to as a 'Content Success Methodology'. This is accomplished by a workflow platform, conversion apps and managed content services. What's great about it is the fact that it could 


    BuzzSumo is an SEO tool aimed at social networking analytics and analyzing the best performing content (in a certain niche). It lets you analyze the information so you realize why 


    Ahrefs is a good backlink analysis tool which is updated daily. This SEO tools also includes SEO, position tracking, ad-hoc keyword development, and content-specific research. However, it does not have SEO reporting and keyword management features. 

    Google Search Console

    The Google Search Console is a free SEO tool provided by Google. This backlink analysis tool allows users to monitor website performance, submit content for crawling, identify issues, monitor backlinks and more. Users can see all backlinks within one place, using the domain, the amount of links and the number of linked pages included. However, you have to crawl the links manually. 

    Traffic Travis

    Traffic Travis is an easy-to-use tracking tool that you can download to your computer (note:  


    To locate a more enterprise-level tool? Then SERPs could be a good option for you to definitely consider. This powerful, web-based SEO tool offers a (free) rank tracking product which includes an integral key word research tool. The tool can perform tracking both location-based and global rankings. 


    SEMrush is a set of free SEO tools that offer such features for instance crawling, niche research, backlink tracking, search position monitoring, rank checking, page analysis (eg SEO Quake plugin) and more. The dashboard is very simple to use: Keyword Analytics, Domain Analytics, Project, to generate leads and My Reports. It doesHOWEVER lack a keyword list management feature. 

    Majestic SEO

    Majestic SEO is an all-in-one platform that provides a large link index database. A few of its top features range from the Site Explorer (which lets users look into particular domains), Backlink History Checker (which provides the understanding of theamount of backlinks detected), Search Explorer and Link Intelligence API. 

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